Neringa beach

The softest sand. The purest sea water. The most beautiful nature. All of this you can find in Neringa.

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Shuttle boat

One of the easiest way to visit Neringa is by a boat. Just get on it in Klaipėda, and You'll cruise by Juodkrantė and Nida.

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Wind catchers

A curonian tradition passed on from one generation to another. Its main purpose is to show the direction of wind. Every town of the Curonian lagoon has it's own ways of decorating the traditional windcatcher.

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Nida harbour

Looking down from atop the Golden dune where the sun clock stands, You can see the beauty of the main harbour in Nida. The shelter for all of the fisherman boats and tourist yachts.

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Old Kurėnas

As old as the Curonian itself. Some say even older. The ship Kurėnas sails away everyday from Nidas harbour to show its glory to all that are visiting.

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